Timber Pest Inspections

The Timber Pest – TERMITE Inspection

We are highly trained, SA Health Department licensed and fully insured to conduct your timber pest inspection in accordance with AS 3660.

The timber pest – termite inspection is a careful and thorough inspection of the property with a focus upon identifying and reporting on evidence of timber pest activity, conditions conducive to timber pests, evidence of pest management systems, and risk management options,

The timber pest – termite inspection findings will be outlined and combined into the same easy to read report as the building inspection findings above.

We conduct an examination of timbers and other accessible materials or areas susceptible to attack by termites and other timber pests including:    

  • Timbers in the load bearing framework of the building including bearers, joists and rafters.
  • Joinery including finishes to the building such as moulding, architraves, skirtings, doors, windows and cupboards.
  • Wood and wood products in outdoor areas such as landscaping timbers, fences, logs, pool surrounds, garden boxes and tubs, firewood, paving blocks, sleepers, tree stumps and trees.
  • Surface work to foundation soils, walls and services.
  • Any other visible susceptible timber materials such as bridges, pergolas, stored items containing cellulose, builder’s debris & formwork.

Please note our Inspection reports will often highlight the need for termite management, you can refer to our dedicated Pest Control division for more detailed information on termites and other timber pests.http://www.pestaid.com.au

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