Pre-Sale Vendor Inspections

Inspection Aid provides independent pre-sale combined building and pest inspections and reports for vendors / home and building owners looking to sell their properties.

The sole purpose of the pre-sale combined building and pest inspection is to limit the likelihood of a sale cooling off during the sale process.

During this service we will work with and advise the vendor / home and building owners of issues or potential issues that a building and timber pest inspector will discover and report on for their purchaser.

Please note our Inspection reports will often highlight the need for termite management, you can refer to our dedicated Pest Control division for more detailed information on termites and other timber pests.

An overview of this combined BUILDING AND PEST – TERMITE inspection will:

  • Pre warn the seller what will be picked up during a building and timber pest inspection.
  • Allow the seller time to rectify any issues prior to going on the market that could potentially decrease the property value.
  • Allow the seller to be better prepared for price negotiations with a potential buyer.
  • Provide the seller confidence when the property goes on the market.

What you can expect from our Pre-Sale Vendor building AND TIMBER PEST inspections:

  • Our pre-sale building and timber pest inspection report is a comprehensive and independent document completed in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • The report describes the condition of all the various building components and external structures and whether they will require your attention. The report will explain any existing problems, advice on repairs and also indicate any remedial or maintenance requirements that you need to consider prior to selling the property.
  • The Inspection Aid Adelaide pre-sale building and timber pest reports will also contain photos of notable items so that you can see what issues may exist and what they look like. It also contains a glossary of technical terms to help you understand the report.
  • If you have any particular concerns or queries about the property, we can instruct our building inspector to address these issues specifically during the inspection. Simply advise us of your concerns at the time of your booking.
  • All our building and timber pest inspectors are fully licensed by the SA Health Department with many years experience in the building and pest inspection industry in Adelaide. Our inspectors will provide professional, independent and unbiased information on the condition of the property to assist you to sell with confidence.
  • The building and timber pest inspection findings will be outlined and combined into the same easy to read report.

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